It’s no secret that embracing the internet is not something the church has done particularly well.

The internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate today which leads us to ask — what’s the hold up? 46% of churches believe “service is becoming too much about technology” and discourage it’s use. We beg to differ.

Here are 3 Ways Embracing the Internet in the Church can fuel growth and engagement this year.

1. Social Media

While running multiple social media accounts for your church may seem unnecessary, statistics say the complete opposite. Having a staff member dedicated to cultivating your online presence will help you spread the gospel to more people than you’ve ever imagined.

  • When on the phone, people spend 86% of their time using mobile applications
  • 79% of internet users are active on Facebook
  • Studies show the average person spends close to two hours a day (118 minutes) on social media

Taking full advantage of social media capabilities allows you to spread your reach by adapting your communication strategy to the way we live today.

Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick has done a phenomenal job at this by sharing the message of Jesus Christ on a daily basis with a combined internet following of over 1.2 million.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are all anyone seems to be talking about these days. In fact, 60 million American families have admitted to being podcast fans and that number is steadily increasing with each month.

Creating a podcast for your church is the perfect opportunity to repurpose content for a low cost and potentially high return.

You can use the Church Base system to host your new podcast. Uploading the audio file from Sunday morning’s service and syncing your profile allows your message to be discovered by over 73 million monthly listeners via iTunes, and easily shared with their friends and following over social media.

Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma has experienced an incredible amount of visibility within the last year by leveraging their growing congregation and social media strategy to launch a successful podcast in May of 2018. In less than 30 days, the Transformation Church Podcast reached number one on the Top Charts for Religion & Spirituality.

3. Online Giving

How we send and receive money has transformed dramatically in just the last ten years.

  • Churches that accept mobile giving see a 32% increase in contributions
  • 67% of giving takes place during the week for churches that accept online giving
  • 49% of church donors want the ability to give in a mobile app

Embracing the internet when it comes to your church’s offering collections and campaigns will increase the amount of participation you see in annual giving.

Encourage the use of reoccurring gifts and send custom push notifications throughout the week. Church Base creates powerful branded apps and online giving suite allowing you to embrace the digital age seamlessly when it comes to giving.


Show the world what God is doing in and through your ministry by embracing the internet in your communication and financial strategies. We would love to help you grow your church. If you’re interested in a free demo of  the Church Base platform, you can schedule it here.

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