Planting a church is an exciting time for you and your team! Though you are in constant communication with each other working to build and maintain momentum, cultivating true community requires some extra work. Establishing a deep sense of community with your launch team will directly impact the culture of your church in the years to come — for the better.

Here are 3 Ways You Can Build Authentic Community with Your Launch Team

1. Build Relational Equity

Maintain an Open Door Policy

Leading, let alone planting a church comes with much responsibility. You’re the CEO, the CFO, and the CMO bearing the weight of a hefty promise. It can become easy to isolate yourself in this journey, but remember, your team is counting on you. Continue to make yourself available, prioritizing the emotional needs of your team. Make time to pray with them, grab lunch, and genuinely connect on a personal level. This will make all the difference, cultivating a culture of transparency and friendship as your church grows.

Set Aside Time for Fun

Your launch team volunteers their time each week toward building your vision for their new church home. It doesn’t take much to get lost in productivity, making sure things are getting checked off of the to-do list. Make time for work and play! Set aside time each week to do non-task oriented activities. Maybe this looks like a team brunch, an outing to an arcade, or taking a day off to serve your community together. Building strong relationships with each other in the beginning will transcend to your members as your church grows.

Be Present for Big Moments

The little things matter! Going the extra mile to be present for life’s big moments shows your team that you truly care about them, not just what they can do for you. Create a personal budget for sending flowers and cards for special occasions, showing up to birthday dinners, and supporting their businesses. Doing life together helps to make a team feel like family.

2. Invest in Your Team’s Development

A great way to boost team morale is by investing in their development as leaders. This affirms their value to your church and vision. While sending your staff to conferences may be more feasible for your long term plan, there are other ways you can pour into them without breaking the bank:

  • Gifting them your favorite book on spiritual development
  • Gather the team for a bi-weekly sermon on special topics
  • Send weekly devotionals via email to unite the team around a single message

Cultivating strong church leaders now will benefit your church so much in the long run. The personal growth experienced in this new season will influence the culture of your church in the years to come.

3. Encourage Small Groups

Encouraging your launch team to begin Small Groups is a great way for them to connect on a more intimate level. This is also a simple, yet effective strategy for attracting new members to your church. Small Groups are effective in building community because they:

  • Cultivate Meaningful Friendships
  • Create a Safe Space for Vulnerable Conversations
  • Provide Accountability on Spiritual Journey

The list goes on! Implementing “Connect Groups” make big churches feel small, but for your new church it will establish a strong sense of community that will precede the growth of your church.

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