Creating a mobile app for your church is a powerful investment in this digital age! This gives you another touch point to connect with your audience and extend your ministry’s reach. Launching your new platform can be an anxious and exciting experience all at the same time. It’s important that the launch period is backed by effective and strategic practices to see a return on your investment. At Church Base, we’ve seen the highs and lows of launching a mobile app, and want to help make life easier for you and your team.

Here Are the Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful App Launch

Do — Use Church Base’s App Launch Kit

Now that your app is live the next step is to promote, promote, promote! To help make your launch as easy as possible, we’ve put together an App Launch Kit packed with these awesome resources:

  • App Launch Video
  • App Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics

Free for our customers, and customized for their church — these tools can be used across all digital platforms, and even on printed materials!

Do — Plan for a Promotion Sunday

At Church Base, we’ve found that a great strategy for increasing the number of downloads is dedicating one Sunday to promoting the launch of your new app. This is a great opportunity to get creative, but most importantly maximize the face-time you have with your congregation that day. A few ideas that will help make launch Sunday a success are:

  • Have greeters give guests handouts with details about the app
  • Share the promo video at the beginning of service
  • Have someone on your team give a short and fun presentation on the app

We encourage your team to set aside five minutes during service to introduce your new app to the congregation. This gives you the chance to have members and guests download on the spot, instead of hoping they do it when they get home.

Don’t — Release Your App Without Beta Testing

Beta testing is a simple step that makes all of the difference when it comes to successfully launching a product, especially with tech. Imagine building up anticipation for the launch of your church’s app, just to realize that certain links aren’t working or important content is missing.

The best way to enhance the user experience and improve your app is to put together a small focus group. Since your app will be used by leadership, volunteers and general members alike, we recommend using a diverse team. This strategy will help you hone in on the technical needs of each group.

Don’t — Assume Your Audience Will Know How to Use the App

While navigating your new app may seem simple and self-explanatory, that could prove to be a faulty assumption. Help users make the most of your app by giving them a short tutorial! This could be an on-screen demo during a Sunday service, or even hand outs highlighting how to use the key features. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into this incredible tool and we want to be sure people are using it!

We’re so excited you’re going live with your church app! We’ve seen how going digital has changed the trajectory for many ministries, helping them to grow in size and participation levels. To learn more about the Church Base platform and our custom branded apps, click here to schedule a free demo!

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