We want to help you build a church app that will do more than just deliver your sermons. Here’s some tips to building the ultimate church app for your ministry:

1. Provide high quality images of your church.

During the design process your Church Base designer will ask for images of your church’s building, volunteers, and culture. Using actual images of your church and services instead of stock photos makes the app a lot more personal, and allows your community to connect to it more!

2. Keep your page content simple.

The best apps, and websites for that matter, use content that get’s straight to the point. Users don’t want to, and won’t, scroll through pages of content you write. Just remember, less is more!

3. Assign someone with tech experience to work with the designer.

Your app designer will do whatever they can to help you and your church understand what’s needed to make the app come to life. However, assigning someone with technical or even some design experience helps move the process along and saves time.

4. Let the designer know your vision and audience upfront.

If you have a specific audience, language, or cultural vision for your app, make sure your designer knows. That always helps shape how the app is laid out and how it’s designed. You can save a lot of time telling your designer in the beginning that you’ll need it in 2 languages rather than coming back later and adding another language to the app, for example.

5. Have clear branding: logos and color scheme that work together.

Have an eye-catching logo and color scheme ready to go when you get ready to start working on your app. This will set the tone of the entire platform. Your designer is trained to learn your brand and style from your website, logo, and colors and then implement those across the app!

These are just a few tips to getting started on an awesome church app! We’d love to hear any ideas you have if you’ve already went through the process, leave them in the comments below!

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