Push notifications are by far the best feature of your church app. They offer a direct line of communication to your audience. These notifications are similar to an SMS, but come with an an 88% open rate, and aren’t considered as intrusive. On average people don’t mind 2-3 push notifications per week from an app, so one every few days is encouraged.

Here’s a few things you should be doing this Christmas with push notifications:

Create a Christmas Specific Topic.

Christmas is the perfect time to build community using your app. You can do this by adding a Christmas specific topic that users can subscribe to. Something like “The 12 days of Christmas” or “Christmas Encouragement,” then send out a daily push notification on that topic. Be sure to send a general notification to all app users letting them know they can subscribe to the topic.

Encourage Charitable Donations Through Your Giving Platform.

Send out push notifications with your giving page linked to them, but instead of just reminding people they can give, tell them exactly what they can give to. Like “Swipe here to donate to the angel tree fund.”

When they open the notification the page will be the main giving page, which will stick with the user reminding them when they want to donate or tithe they can use the app, without you being overly pushy about tithe specifically.

Send Push Notifications to First-Time Visitors. 

SMS and Push Notifications are key to reaching your visitors. You can SMS or Push Notify a visitor or group of visitors directly from your Community module. Remind them of the service times on the Saturday after they visit. Also, send a few notifications about the Christmas service, and encourage them to bring a friend!

What Not To Do:

  • Don’t send identical push notifications — always change it up.
  • Don’t send a notification without linking it to something inside the app.
  • Don’t make your push notification long — keep it short and sweet.

To learn more about the power of Push Notifications, read our blog post here.

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