Church Tech: The Benefits of an All-In-One Platform

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Thanks to the digital advances we experience each year, technology has made it easier than ever to manage and engage with your church. But if that’s the case, why is it still so stressful? 

Planning service. Managing volunteers. Tracking giving. Logging first-time guests and new members. It gets hectic! Luckily, we’ve created a solution for you — the only all-in-one church management platform.

At Church Base, we’re passionate about using technology to helping you save time and reach more people. 

Here’s a closer look at the Church Base platform:

Custom Branded Church App

Allow your members to experience church and stay connected to community anytime, with the only custom designed app branded on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Though not limited to this list, key features include:

Sermon Experience
Many of us are on the go, and taking our devices with us for entertainment. With our sermon builder you can upload videos, photos, interactive notes, and even audio/podcasts that can be accessed within your app.

Push Notifications
Experience an 88% engagement rate by sending these alerts to your apps users! These are helpful tools in announcing events, encouraging giving, or sending reminders. The best part about using Push Notifications on the Church Base platform is that you can create topic-specific alerts for your users to subscribe to. For example, if a member is looking to get more involved in serving this year, they can subscribe to the topic “Volunteer” and receive push notifications about upcoming opportunities.   

Team & Group Chat
Help your staff stay organized and on one-accord through our Slack-like group chat feature. You can create private groups for specific teams or groups, send emojis (yay!), and even restrict access to certain group conversations like your security team for example.

Automated Church Website

Your church’s digital presence is one of the greatest tools you have in spreading your reach. When people want to know more about your ministry, we can almost guarantee you they are checking out your social media and website first. 

We know how daunting keeping all of these profiles updated and cohesive sounds, and we’ve kept that in mind with our websites. We took “mobile-first” to a new level! Church Base Websites are hand built by your professional designer and based completely on your church app. Change something on your church app, it’s changed on your website.

Even better? You can now login and make quick changes to your app and website on your own, though our designers will still be available and glad to help!

Digital Giving Suite

Increase generosity in your church this year with our FREE Online Giving Suite. Envelopes are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as individuals opt to give on their phone versus writing a check or giving cash. Plainly put — its just easier! Luckily, with our giving suite you have easy donor interfaces to choose from including: Digital Mobile & Desktop, In-App Giving, Kiosk Centers, and Text To Give. 

This tool will help your church better understand giving patterns and the types of donors in your congregation. Once someone signs up on platform to give, they receive one unified donor account. With this, you’ll be able to manage, tag, and analyze all gifts from your dashboard. 

Community Management System (ChMs)

Last year we launched Church Base Community — a ChMs system in a class of its own. Engagement both online and in-person is key to seeing growth in your ministry. Your members don’t want to feel like they’re just a number. They want opportunities to be involved and feel seen. For a limited time, Church Base Community is available at no cost to your church, thanks to our partner Unite Life. Key features include:

Volunteer Management

  • Departments & Positions
  • Hierarchal Reporting
  • Background Checks
  • Email & SMS Communication

Service Builder

  • Kids Check-In
  • Event Check-In
  • Digital QR Codes
  • SMS Communication

Events & Registration

  • Event Ticketing
  • Direct Payments
  • Registration Options & Custom Pricing
  • Attendee Tracking

And that’s not all. Other ChMs features include digital check-ins, form builders, groups/classes and more!

The main benefit of using an all-in-one platform for your church is simplicity. With Church Base, all the information you need to access is in one system. You’re able to train volunteers using one system. You’re able to have more accurate data, because everything is in one system. 

Did we mention, our platform is one, integrated system? As your church grows, you have to make strategic use of your time and your staff. Eliminating the chaos and confusion that comes with managing multiple platforms for your church will save you thousands of dollars in the future, and help you create more efficient processes.

The Church Base platform is unique and was created with church leaders and volunteers like you in mind. We’d love for you to stick around on our site to read more about how we can help you spread your reach, or even watch a demo of our platform. 

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