Though it may seem like a small detail, the gift you send your guests home with can further influence their decision to visit your church again. First impressions are everything — even in the church. Sending your prospective members home with a gift shows that your church cares about investing in the experience of their community. [bctt tweet=”Sending your prospective members home with a gift shows that your church cares about investing in the experience of their community. ” username=”apolloappdesign”]

Try these Creative Gift Ideas to Increase Guest Retention

Branded Drinkware

Customized mugs, bottles, and tumbler cups are gift ideas that will work year-round. Let your team get creative with this idea! Consider putting your church’s logo or slogan on one of these items in your brand colors:

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Acrylic Tumbler Cups
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Prospective members can use the mug for their morning cup of joe, or take their new water bottle to the gym. Branded drinkware serves as a constant reminder of their experience at your church.

Pastor’s Book of the Year

Does your Pastor have a list of their favorite books, or constantly recommend a specific book? Even better, has your Pastor penned a book of their own? This is a great way to invest in the personal growth of your guests. As an added bonus, include a branded bookmark with the church’s logo and social media handles. If you’re giving away a book written by your Pastor, have them sign the visitor copies for an extra special touch.

Custom Journal & Pen

Sending your first time guests home with a branded journal and pen is classic, yet functional gift. The great thing about pens and paper — they’re always needed! Invest in high quality notebooks that can also be used as giveaways for upcoming events. Be sure to include a postcard that show your service times, encouraging them to come back and use the journal to take notes next week!

Well-Designed T-Shirt

Let’s be honest — the only thing people love more than free money and food are free t-shirts! This is another classic souvenir to send home with your visitors, and even sell to your congregation. Don’t just slap your logo on the front and call it a day. Get creative with your next shirt! Play with colors, textures, designs, and styles for a shirt that will stand out in their closet. The more often they wear it, the more your church is exposed to family, friends, and even strangers in the grocery store.

Themed Goodie Bag

Themed Bags are always a hit. This is yet another way for your team to come up with fresh ideas for your first time guest gifts. Change up the theme seasonally, or even curate the bags to include items that are all the in your church’s brand color(s). Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Movies At Home: Redbox Gift Card, Popcorn
  • Spring/Summer: Mini Topo Chico Sparkling Water, Branded Sunglasses
  • Fall/Winter: Starbucks Gift Card,  Mini Spiced Candle with Custom Label

Seal the deal by including a postcard that features the need-to-knows for your church like service times, social media handles, and a quick blurb about your Pastor.

Custom Packaging

Gift bags get the job done, but why not take it a step further with custom packaging for your church? Making the investment in unique boxes for gifts and giveaways is something that every ministry in your church can benefit from. Take your marketing to the next level by creating a multi-purpose box with sites like Packlane, to use in place of bags. These can double as storage for items you carry in bulk at your church like Bibles, envelopes, snacks, and more.

Leave a comment below with what your church does for guest-gift ideas! If you’re looking for more cool ideas like the ones in this article, check out the Church Base Pinterest Board for inspiration.

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