God designed us to live in relationship with one another. Community is key to the spiritual growth and emotional health of the body of Christ for several reasons:

  • It cultivates an environment of love
  • Provides support and encouragement
  • Develops Spiritual discipline and accountability

Developing community with your church can be challenging. Outside of volunteer teams and small groups, how can you get your members to do life with one another throughout the week?

The answer may be more obvious than you’d think. The internet has made it easier than ever to build relationships and friendships with others. Church Base is passionate about using technology to empower churches in growing their ministry. With our custom branded app, you have the ability to develop and manage community in your church using a simple and integrated platform. 

Here are a few ways you can foster community with your church’s app!

Create a FB Group for Your Congregation

Creating a Facebook Group specifically for your congregation is the perfect way for your members to put a name to a familiar face. You can deep link your Facebook Group page in your church app so that it is easily accessible for users.  Encourage your members to share pictures of family moments, church testimonials, and inspirational messages. This is also a really great way to send church updates and event reminders in a more casual approach.

Create Group Chats

With Church Base’s group chat feature, you can help build community with daily communication amongst your members. This tool can be used for teams, small groups, your youth, and so much more! Group chats help to develop community by creating a sense of camaraderie, belonging, and trust that will elevate your ministry.

The Prayer Wall

Deepen the relationships at your church with Church Base’s Prayer Wall. It’s one thing to have casual conversations and share fun moments with each other, but going to God in prayer for one another is the best way to truly embody “community”. The Prayer Wall is a more intimate way for your members to connect spiritually and align stay in tune with the emotional, mental, and physical needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ.


We would love to help you explore Church Base, the world’s first all-in-one platform for ministry’s like yours to manage and grow your church. Click here to schedule a FREE demo.

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