Get Back on Track with Your Goals with this #1 Tip

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By now, you’re either crushing your goals … or you’re not. It’s either full steam ahead or you lost your caboose.

Church Base Blog How to Get Back on Track with your New Years Goals

According to a study by the University of Scranton, 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. By now, half of your team has probably fallen off the New Years Resolution bandwagon without even realizing it. As a leader, it’s typical to cast vision to your staff in January. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. Your team is encouraged. The atmosphere is lighter. Things are brighter. The future is full of hope and you’re all going to save the world together for Jesus.

But here comes the end of February and half your team doesn’t even remember the God-moment you all shared together just a month before and just like that, January looks like a bunch of deflated balloons.  

You’ve casted vision. You’ve set goals. You may have even sketched out a plan of how you’re going to achieve said goals. And that’s great! So, what happened? Why aren’t you reaching them? How are you keeping your staff motivated?

Keeping yourself and your team motivated is just as important as the vision you cast and the plan you implemented.

There was a study done at a gym where members could sign up for a new fitness class. The gym started a new class at the beginning of every year. But this time, they were going to do something a little different – they were going to make it fun. They placed a large white board in their lobby with all of the members names listed on it who had signed up. Every time a member showed up for the class, a gold star sticker was placed next to their name. Even if we’re not willing to admit it, there’s a little kid in all of us who never grew up and all we want are gold stars. By placing a gold star next to the member’s names, they had more people show up for that class on a consistent basis than ever before. Why is that?

The gym made reaching goals fun. And people showed up. Have you ever wondered why Planet Fitness has Pizza nights or Bagel mornings? Surprise! Now you know.

Do you know what we started doing here at Church Base? We started giving gold stars to our designers.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating custom apps. When an app’s design is finished, it’s sent to our App Manager for review. They double check the designer’s work and make sure all links are working, photos are in place, and everything is set to then send to the client for a first review. So just for fun – and motivation – if the designer creates a 100% completed app – meaning that all the links are working, everything is in place and nothing is missing – the App Manager gives the designer a gold star. You wouldn’t believe how our designers started triple checking their work with a fine-tooth comb making sure they didn’t miss a single thing. All for a gold star emoji.

Not only does this small act save the App Manager time by not having to go back to the designer and say, “hey, you missed this…” it also made it fun for everyone involved. Our App Manager loves giving gold stars and our designers love getting them.  

So how do you get your staff back on track? Make it fun.

How do you motivate volunteers to show up to paint the lobby? Make it fun.
How do you make sure the cleaning crew emptied every last hidden trash can? Make it fun.
How do you keep your flock on track with reading through the Bible in a year? Make it fun.
Need to clean out a storage room that’s been filled since the Jesus movement? You can make that fun, too. Especially if there’s any Kathryn Kuhlman outfits hidden in there.

You don’t have to make every last task fun – but what if you did?!

If you or your team have fallen off track with your New Year goals, give yourself a break. Most of the time we are the ones in a hurry to reach a deadline – not God. So clear your mind. Re-visit the plan. Make it fun. Create memories. Crush your goals. Develop Community. Build the Kingdom.

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