Churches that don’t separate their giving campaign from tithe and offerings suffer when it comes to giving. A reason for this is the lack of distinction between the collection of weekly tithes and offering, and the actual campaign fund.

Often times we see donors giving their 10% to the campaign, instead of giving an additional amount to the campaign and keeping their tithes, well…tithes. Creating a project-specific campaign in your online giving portal, you’re able to shift the perspective of your congregation and increase participation.

Here are ways you can maximize giving potential during your next giving campaign.

Go Digital

Let’s be honest — people are just not keeping their checkbooks and cash on hand the way they used to. How we send and receive money has transformed dramatically in just the last ten years. Giving money has become easier than ever with the introduction of mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Venmo, so much that you may not even need to swipe your actual card when making a purchase.

  •  Over 77% of Americans own a smartphone
  • 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months
  • Churches that accept mobile giving see a 32% increase in contributions
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Your church’s website and mobile app provide the perfect opportunity to increase contributions with your next project.

Encourage Pledges

There are several factors that discourage giving in the church — not having money available at the time of the ask shouldn’t be one of them.

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Our online giving suite even takes it a step further by sending automated reminders each week to individuals that have made the commitment to give.

Hone In On Weekday Giving

Would you be surprised if we told you 67% of giving takes place during the week for churches that accept online giving? Encouraging your audience to give on weekdays presents the greatest opportunity to see a significant increase in campaign contributions.

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Consider sending weekly push notifications to update everyone on the progress of the campaign, and encourage small gifts of $25 to $50 to help reach your goal. Studies show these boost engagement by 88%. Imagine the collective impact that would have!

Appeal to the Different Types of Givers in your Congregation

A member’s capacity to give and willingness to give may not be completely aligned. This is especially true if your church has a multicultural and multigenerational congregation. So what does this mean for you?

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A recent graduate may not have the capacity to give the requested $1,000 gift as the 50 year old CEO, but their heart to give is just the same. The single mother of three may have the willingness to give, but the advertised starting level of a $250 gift is just too steep for her pockets right now. Do you just leave that money on the table? Surely not!

Really take the time to analyze the demographics and giving trends of your church to meet people where they are. By encouraging giving at different levels and incorporating options for reoccurring gifts, you will increase the amount of participation you see in your church’s next campaign.

At Church Base we can help you set up project-specific campaign pages for your church to help raise more money without sacrificing your tithes and offering collection. If you’re interested in a free demo of our platform, you can schedule it here.

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