At Church Base we’ve witnessed the power of relationships when it comes to driving growth and participation. While Sunday services present a great opportunity to connect with members and guests, your staff’s time and resources are divided many separate ways.

Hosting events throughout the month is an effective way for your church to:

  • Grow leaders
  • Foster friendships
  • Encourage spiritual growth
  • Increase loyalty to your ministry
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While the benefits to hosting events are clear, many churches find themselves having them less often than they’d like to. One reason for this is the amount of time it takes to plan and execute a great event. Secondly, is the number of resources needed to manage event volunteers and attendees. We know the idea of planning an event can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. Church Base has made easier than ever to manage events, right from your existing dashboard!

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Here’s How Your Church App Can Simplify Event Management

Registration Made Easy

Our revamped Events system has made registration a breeze! Once the event’s page goes live it automatically syncs across the entire Church Base system, ready to be shared across all social media sites. 

We’ve made registration an intuitive process for your team, by integrating payments for events with your existing giving platform. Now when a guest pays for an event, it is tagged as a registration in your ledger so you can keep it separate from tithes and donations. Reason 26,098 we LOVE technology.

Share Your Event with the World

Did you know that Push Notifications boost engagement by 88%? If you haven’t been taking advantage of this capability in your app, now is the time to start! Push Notifications can be used to send event announcements and reminders to your congregation throughout the week. This makes registration as simple as possible for your audience! Simply link the alert to your event’s registration page, so when the user swipes right they can RSVP within seconds. Seriously, its that easy.

NEW: Event Check-In

Coming this fall, you’ll be able to use your Church Base app for Check-In! Gone are the days of printing endless excel sheets, signing in guests by hand.  With this new feature, you can plan for a seamless check-in experience that both volunteers and attendees will love.

Our new system will pull guests’ information directly from your registration list, allowing them to check-in with the click of a button in your church’s app. So easy — we know. However, if you’d like to have a bit more control over the process, there’s an option for that too! We’ve optimized our check in page for iPads, so you can use them at your welcome table or a kiosk.


We’re passionate about empowering churches through technology here at Church Base. Our new events feature will help you save time and reach more people. Read our step-by-step guide to get started planning your next event!

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