As someone serving in a leadership role, you know that churches function a lot like businesses. Church management can get hectic, leaving you on E by the end of each week. At Church Base, we’ve been able to see how Productivity is key to fostering a healthy environment for growing teams of staff and volunteers. [bctt tweet=”Productivity is key to fostering a healthy environment for growing teams of staff and volunteers. ” username=””]

In this technological age, we continue to see the importance of Creative Teams when it comes to church growth and engagement. Though behind the scenes, these teams are vital in providing the best experience for guests, members, and your online community. With quick turnaround times and tight schedules, organization and automation will help your team work more effectively.

Here are 3 Must-Have Productivity Tools Your Teams Should Try

Project Management


This platform is a popular business tool used by companies like Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, NASA, and more. Asana claims to be “the easiest way for teams to track their projects and tasks, so they can get results. We may just have to agree. Asana helps you manage your team’s to do list and schedule in one single platform. Our Marketing Team uses this tool to create the content calendar, plan meetings, and assign projects. Some of they key features that will benefit your team are:

Calendar View

More than likely, your creative team is working on several projects at once. No worries! Asana is perfect for that. You can name and color code specific projects, as well as assign tasks to individual team members for a more organized experience. Once you create or are assigned a task in Asana it saves to your project calendar, giving you a holistic view of what’s on your plate for the month.


Another thing we love about Asana is the ability to integrate the platform with other tools and websites we use often. For example, you can integrate Dropbox with your Asana account to easily share large video files. #GameChanger



Communication might be the most difficult part when it comes to working with a busy team. Whether it is your social media, production, or events team — clear communication is of the utmost importance. With creative teams, there are many moving parts, ideas, and opinions that even the most organized team can miss a small detail affecting the entire project.

Slack is a great productivity tool to combat this issue. This chat-room like platform is available on desktop and mobile, so you can keep the conversation going from your desk or the drive-thru. The “channels” feature helps you keep your team organized by categorizing conversations. Create a channel focused specifically on social media, another on video, one for the entire team, and so on. From there, invite team members to join the channel(s) that best fit their role.  In addition to channels, you also have the ability to send direct messages to other team members so all of your work-related conversations are logged in one place.

With Slack, you can send endless files, upload directly from your Google Drive, and even send emojis and gifs to really get your point across. This just so happens to be our favorite part.

Social Media


Manual posting is so 2017, thanks to third-party apps like Planoly! This platform allows you to visually plan, manage, and schedule your Instagram posts directly from your phone or computer. Social media is now the primary tool for marketing businesses and organizations in this technological age.

When you hear digital buzzwords like “engagement” and “algorithm” the bottom line is that content and numbers matter. Marketing your church online is very much a strategic process that requires much time and creativity. This is where automation tools come in handy to your team. Planoly’s key feature is the ability to auto-post images to your Instagram feed. This frees up space on your team’s calendar to focus on creating new content and actively engage with followers throughout the week.

Church Base is passionate about using technology to grow your ministry’s reach. If you have any ideas or suggestions on other productivity tools church teams can use, please add them to the comments below!

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