Church Base is an all-in-one church software suite designed for leaders who want to grow their ministry, engage their community, and impact their world!


Get the right tools to bring in the Harvest.

Many churches spend hundreds of dollars a year on website, app, digital giving, or ChMS plans.
We think it should be free.
Thanks to a strategic partnership with International Scripture Ministries (ISM), Church Base now offers their entire church engagement software suite for $0/month, $0 to sign up, and no contract.

ISM has generously made Church Base free for all pastors and churches through a grant program. These grants are offered as a part of ISM’s ongoing mission to harness cutting-edge technology to deliver unhindered access to the Bible and its teachings to every person in the world. To read more about ISM, visit their website.
No application needed to benefit from this grant—just register below.

Get the right tools to bring in the Harvest

God has uniquely called your church to do something great. We’re here to
provide the tools you need to accomplish that mission.


Custom Website Builder

So you can expand your reach and influence in your community.


Branded Church App Builder

So you can connect with your church members anytime, anywhere.


Digital Giving Suite

So your church members can give when it's convenient for them.


Church Management Software

So you can organize people and events for greater impact.

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Church Base’s all-in-one software suite maximizes your church staffing and budget, so you can focus on what matters most: the ministry.

We developed Church Base so ministers like you can:

  • Save your church money with a $0/month plan and no sign-up fee.
  • Increase your giving through multiple collection points (website, texting, app, manual entry, and more).
  • Waste less time switching from program to program.
  • Escape the headache of poor organization.
  • Support your staff with easy-to-use functionality.
  • Sign up more volunteers with an accessible, integrated process.
  • Create more disciples by adding cutting-edge technology to your everyday programs.

As soon as you register for your account, you can begin building your website, designing your app, organizing your church, and collecting online payments.



We believe pastors are on the front line of ministry. That’s why we want to do everything we can to support what you do.

Check out some of the resources we’ve created to support you, your church, your staff, and your community!


Church Management Guide

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13 Free Youth Resources List

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Church Staffing Guide

With over 2,000 churches benefiting from Church Base’s software suite, we’re thankful for each of our ministry partners.

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Let’s Reach More People Together.