Setting the Tone for Your Church This New Year

By January 7, 2019 No Comments

Well hello, 2019! Can you believe we’re in a new year already? 

January is typically an exciting time for churches and businesses because it represents fresh start for new opportunities. By now, your church has probably declared an anchor word or scripture for your church to cling over the new year. This is also a chance to tackle new projects whether that’s: growing your church in size, cultivating a more engaged congregation, or taking on new outreach initiatives in your local community. 

These are all things we look forward to working in ministry. However, it can become pretty easy for these ideas to fall to the wayside, like many of our resolutions do each year. Yes, we’re guilty too. 

Now that your team has *hopefully* transitioned out of the epic holiday food-induced slump, we believe it’s vital to use this first month of the year to reconnect with your team. 

Here are 4 Tips to Help You Set the Tone for Your Church This Year

1. Schedule An All-Team Brainstorm 

While your team may already have a goals for the year in place, coming together at the top of 2019 for an all-team brainstorm could help you refine some of those. Many of us are stepping into the new year with a renewed spirit and refreshed mind. Taking advantage of your team’s new year inspiration will be sure to help elevate the plans you already have set in motion.

2. Schedule 1-on-1 Meetings With Your Staff

If your role calls for it, take some time out of your day to schedule recurring 1-on-1 meetings with your staff from all levels. Yes, from the media team to the hospitality team. Even your church’s custodians. These can be bi-weekly, monthly, or just once per quarter. Just do it! This is a key way to establish trust, rapport, and boost morale with your team. We know the weeks can be a blur working in ministry. There’s SO much going on. But setting aside this time will cultivate a more productive work environment, and your church will thrive because of it.

3. Request Feedback From Your Congregation

Notice a trend here? Use this month to connect with the minds and hearts of those keeping your ministry alive. This goes for your congregation as well. Avoiding opinions can be the easy, and more attractive option when you’re in a position of leadership but this is the way you continue to evolve and meet the needs of your church. Luckily with the Church Base Community Module, you can create your own powerful forms to generate one survey that you can share with your congregation through a link or push notification in your app.

4. Refresh Your Branding and Digital Presence

At Church Base, we’re passionate about all things digital. From helping our clients build apps and websites, we’ve been able to see the impact a refreshed online presence has on church growth and engagement. If your church doesn’t have an app or website, we’d love to help you get started! We may be a little biased, but we truly believe this is the best investment you could make for your church this year. We’d even encourage you to refresh your graphics and creative for used on your social media platforms! There’s never been a better time for the church to reach more people than now. Taking some time to refine your digital presence could very well be the thing that leads your church to see an increase in generosity and members in 2019.

To learn more about the new Church Base platform, and how our platform can help you accomplish everything on this list, click here for a demo of the entire suite. We’d love to work with you this year!