Managing your church’s events and attendees just got easier with Church Base.

We’re so excited to announce our new and improved event features now including event registrations to help you better engage your attendees and create a larger reach.

Church Base Events now feature: 

  • Unlimited Events Synced between your App & Website
  • Event Registration and Payments
  • Attendee Types, Options and Special Pricing
  • Attendee Tracking and Payment Tagging

Here’s a quick guide to setting up your First Church Event!

Getting Started

Our Cloud Content system makes it easier than ever to create and manage events. After setting up your event details it automatically syncs to your Church Base mobile app, website, and can be shared across social networks. But what’s really cool is you can now accept registration payments directly from your Church Base giving dashboard, and integrate a simple registration page directly into your events!

No more PayPal nonsense or having to recreate an event in multiple platforms, everything you need for a successful event management is now part of Church Base.


We’ve taken the stress out of event registration with this new update! Your registration page for each event is directly integrated into the Church Base giving platform.

  • Collect payments securely using credit cards or bank accounts
  • Event registrations are manageable directly from your dashboard (just like donations)

Now, when someone registers we tag that payment in your Ledger so that you’re able to easily trace their payment and keep it separate from donations for planning and tax purposes. You can even create multiple attendee types and event options to simplify the registration process for your team.

Attendee Tracking

Since events are integrated into the Digital Giving module, you’re able to track and identify attendees directly from the giving suite. You can easily see attendees information and registration options from your simple to use Church Base dashboard. Attendees will also receive a thank you email with receipt for their registration.


Promoting Your Event

Once your event has gone live, take advantage of other features on the Church Base platform to boost registrations.

  • Create a Push Notification, linked to your apps event page, to remind users of the upcoming event
  • Encourage attendees to share the event URL with their friends and family

We’re passionate about empowering churches through technology here at Church Base. Our new events feature will help you save time and reach more people. Read our step-by-step guide to get started planning your next event!

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