Everyone knows the church’s tech as a whole is lightyears behind the public sector’s. If you don’t here’s some mind boggling stats:

  • 21% of churches actually discourage reading the bible digitally
  • 46% of churches believe “service is becoming too much about technology” and discourage it’s use
  • 27% of churches don’t make use of the internet at all

With stats like that it’s no shock we’re behind the curve quite a bit. Why is it important for the church to reclaim or at least embrace new and emerging technologies?

  • Over 80% of the internet is accessed from a smartphone
  • 51% of the worlds population has access to the internet
  • Predictions indicate more than 50% of all searches will be over voice by 2020 (ie. Alexa, Google Home.)
  • Americans spend an average of 223 minutes a day on their phones

4 was Church Base helps churches dive into new technologies

We believe it’s important as the body of christ to use all methods available to us to help reach the world with the Gospel. New technology is such a key piece of our reach as a church because in the 21st Century Facebook is “in” one day and Snapchat the next day.

#1 Church Base app isn’t just ANY church app…we built an adaptive powerhouse

Our church app is built on a technology called “Ionic” which is one of the largest and most connected native platforms around. Ionic innovates the backend technology as trends change, those innovations allow us to implement those emerging trends practically overnight when other companies spend months and years working on new features.

#2 Our roadmap is full of integration

The more we build, the deeper we integrate. Between our app, giving suite and website system we have a total of 200 integrations to date. This increases at a rate of about 10 a month.

One of the most powerful integrations that Church Base invented was the single user database across our suite. Meaning your users register and log in with the same account across your giving, your app and your website.

#3 We’re tackling voice and personal assistant technology

Your app is not integrated with your very own Branded Alexa Skill. This is an industry first. 

Your users can listen to your latest sermon, ask questions about your church, and get important updates/information directly from their Alexa enabled devices, which include to date 20 Million devices. Learn more about your Alexa Skill here.

#4 Our Content Cloud isn’t just a one stop shop

The new era of content is complete syndication, Church Base’s content cloud excels in just that. Our content system allows you to publish a sermon and from one back end send that sermon to over 50 different platforms including your website, your app, your Alexa Skill, your iTunes Podcast, Youtube, Vimeo, and so much more!


Our roadmap is riddled with new technology including Virtual Assistants, Voice Search and Actions, AI learning and much more. Our mission is keep your church at the forefront of emerging technology.

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