Church Apps, why get them?

The church app is one of the most powerful engagement tools around. Apps help you reach thousands of people you would have never had the opportunity to reach.

  • Over 80% of the internet is accessed from a smartphone
  • A total of 149.3 Billion app downloads last year
  • Americans spend an average of 223 minutes a day on their phone

Don’t you think it’s about time the church starts focusing more on where the masses are? We certainly do.


5 Ways Church Apps Help Grow Your Church:

Apps are designed to grow your congregations engagement in many ways. We wanted to point out the top 5…

  1. Church apps grow your community.
  2. Church apps will transform the way your congregation gives.
  3. Church apps help grow your communication strategies.
  4. Church apps change the way your users digest information.
  5. Church apps grow your brand and outreach.

Church app by Church Base

#1 Church apps grow your community

Church apps have some awesome, community focused features. The first one we’d like to mention is the Newswall, which allows your users to stay up to date with church news. This is more than just a “facebook feed.”

The Newswall allows your users to interact with updates and ask questions along with sharing it in their own social network. Unlike a simple push notification, your News is formatted to be a lot of content and more of a public forum for your church.

The second most community focused feature is the Prayer Wall. This simple page allows your congregation to share anonymously or publicly their prayer needs, and support others in those prayers. An incredible Church Base app that’s using the prayer wall feature to the fullest potential is Faith and Mental Wellness.

Church base giving

#2 Church apps will grow and transform the way the congregation gives

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that adding your digital giving system into your church app grows gifts about 31% on average. Why is that? Well, there’s a few reasons

  • OuterBox reports that 70% of all online transactions happen on a mobile phone
  • 67% of digital giving happens Monday-Friday, if you don’t have an app that number drops dramatically
  • 33% of mobile gifts are over $500!
  • In-App giving creates more loyal, consistent givers

Stats stats stats…but what’s the real icing on the cake? Simplicity. When a user can jump on their phone (which they already spend 223 minutes a day on) and open your app and set up recurring or a one time gift in about 45 seconds is a game changer.

#3 Church apps help grow your communication strategies

Apps allow you to communicate with your staff, congregation or leaders within seconds through push notifications. Push notifications are proving to be the fastest mass communication medium in years. 

Within seconds you can send out targeted notifications about service, cancellations, emergency prayer meetings and more. You can target those notifications to your leaders, your staff, campuses or your entire congregation.

Not only do church apps provide an instant communication platform, but they help you manage your PR and control the content that get’s distributed by your church.

Church App | Media Content | Sermon Player

#4 Church apps change the way your users digest your content

Being able to access your messages and content 24/7 through a custom branded interface is a game changer for churches.Rewind 20 years and the only way to receive your weekly exhortation was to attend a Sunday service. But as life gets busier and congregants situations change you lose valuable attendance.

Church apps solve that problem once and for all, reigniting the failing “online-campus” model, you can syndicate your content and mission to hundreds of thousands hungry people needing to hear the life changing Word. You can connect your articles, videos, podcasts, sermons and more to your app!

Don’t believe us? Comscore reports that mobile apps account for 57 percent of all digital media usage. That includes TV, radio, web…everything.

#5 Church apps grow your brand and outreach

Having a branded church  app on iTunes and Android is incredibly powerful. It’s what websites were in 2000, a sort of klout for consumers, or in your case potential congregants.

Steve Jobs said of apps that they are “…the most valuable piece of real-estate imaginable.” TechCrunch believes this is because your church brand is seen every day, multiple times a day, and thus associated quickly with personal growth, answers, a source of wisdom and more!

We get it, your brand isn’t your goal, sharing the Gospel is. But what if we told you when your brand grows your reach grows. Having a church app increases the social shares, website visits, content views and much much more.


The Church Base app can help you with all this and so much more…at an incredibly affordable rate.

When you choose to build your branded church app with Church Base you’ll be blown away how it can help you change the lives of those you’re trying to reach. We hear incredible stories every day about the positive change people see in their lives having daily, 27/7 access to encouraging and powerful content.

With Church Base you get 100% satisfaction guarantee, a custom branded church app, free giving platform (if you need it), and so much more. We’d love to schedule a time to see how we can help you grow your church engagement!

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