Internet technology and trends are constantly changing, so much that it can get confusing on where to focus your efforts. No worries — Church Base is here to help! Studies show that video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. With this trend, you’d be remiss to not include video in your church’s digital strategy. The benefits are clear:

  • Videos Drive Church Growth & Engagement
  • Videos Help Make Your Message More Impactful
  • Video is the Future of Technology

Video production and editing can seem like an intimidating task to take on but it doesn’t have to be. A simple, yet effective way to get started is creating video devotionals in your church app! All you need is a recording device and access to your Church Base dashboard to get the ball rolling.

Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Create a Video Devotional For Your App

1. Record Your Message

Find an area with great natural light, and set up your phone or camera on an iPod to record your message. Statistics show that viewers retain 95% of the information given on camera, compared to readers at 10% so be sure to include the highlights of your devotional!

2. Edit Your Video

This part can seem a bit scary but trust us — its easy! Simply launch iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or any other video editing software you’re familiar with. The ideal length for your video devotionals is anywhere from 2 to 3.5 minutes, so take this time to trim any awkward pauses or tongue-tied moments from your message.

3. Upload to the Church Base Platform

Add a new post in the Custom Posts section of the dashboard.

4. Add the Devotional’s Content

This includes the title, video, and any written content.

5. Add the Post to a Category

Select which category in your app you’d like for this devotional to live. If you’d like, we can even create a category specifically for devotionals!

Taking full advantage of your app’s capabilities allows you to enhance your online presence by adapting your communication strategy to the way we live today — and tomorrow. Church Base is passionate about using technology to grow your ministry’s reach. If you’d like to give Video Devotionals a try, our team would love to you get started!

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