Church apps are all the rage these days and rightfully so. They help churches reach people in ways you can’t from the pulpit; apps create a mobile community for your church, they allow for instant, targeted communication and much much more!

One of the most important aspects of a church app is the integration it has into the rest of your organizations operation. So in this article we’re going to go through a few common integrations and then some less common ones that you should start considering…

Common Integrations:

1. Giving Integration

Hands down the most important piece of your app. Adding giving into your church app will increase the gift size by about 31% on average. This is because it’s so easy for your congregation to give without needing to pull out cash or a check.

Integrating giving is as simple as embedding your giving provider inside your app, if their portal is mobile responsive. If you need a mobile responsive, simple giving platform, check ours out.

2. Your CMS or Content Publisher

Your content publisher (WordPress for example) is a key integration for your app. This is where most of your app’s content will come from. But believe it or not, a lot of churches will only integrate their Youtube or Vimeo account and leave it at that. Granted, this is usually a limitation of the app company and not the church.

It’s important you integrate your articles, videos, podcasts, events and any other content that you publish to your website. This keeps your app relevant and purposeful, not just there to collect offering.

At Church Base we use a content publisher that is centered around Sermons and Videos, then syndicate those to your iTunes, Google Suite, Vimeo/Youtube and more. No matter who you’re using for your CMS, integrate all your exported content, not just your videos. The more value you build for your users, the more value they bring your ministry.

“The more value you build for your app users, the more value they bring your ministry.” 

3. Single User Registration

It’s not hard to argue that the easier your app is to use the more people use it. But a common piece of “ease” that church engagement companies miss is user registration; do your users have to register in multiple locations?

If so this can cause a lot of frustration and confusion on the congregants end and lack of continuity on your end. We recommend integrating your app registrations with your giving platform and website so the users have one single login across your entire system. Unfortunately, most app companies can’t even begin to manage that.

At church base we set out to build a fully integrated ecosystem, which includes a single user database across all your platforms, which has proven to quite literally change the frequency of user access, which translates to easier giving, faster access, and happier users.

“We recommend integrating your app registrations with your giving platform and website so the users have one single login across your entire system.” 

4. Interactive Sermon Notes

Offering your users interactive sermon notes during your sermon increases their retention, understanding and engagement in the message. A lot of companies offer sermon notes, not a lot of them offer interactive notes.

Interactive notes allow users to fill in the blank, take surveys, and take their own free form notes.


If you have integrations you’ve found effective and useful, comment below!

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