Like most organizations, there are several factors that contribute to church growth. At Church Base, we’ve witnessed how going digital with an app, website, and even social media can significantly spread your ministry’s reach. However, there is one more thing we’ve seen work tremendously for our clients,and our own churches, when it comes to building community and attracting new members — Small Groups.

Small Groups are Matthew 18:20 in action. Connecting this way is a simple, yet effective ways to grow your church both in size and impact. By extending the heart and message of your church into the homes of your members, you:

  • Make a big church feel small
  • Make a small church feel like family
  • Attract new members
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Here Are a Few Ways Small Groups Fuel Church Growth & Participation

Small Groups Cultivate Meaningful Friendships

Small Groups are the best way to encourage community at your church. Members can connect with each other on a more intimate level than they would be able to during Sunday services. By spending consistent time with each other in a comfortable environment, they’re sure to build personal relationships rooted in Christ that can blossom into lifelong friendships.

Small Groups Provide Accountability & Support

Being inspired on Sunday morning is one thing, but Monday through Saturday is when life happens. This is when temptations take place, challenges are thrown your way, and twists and turns of life can really shake you. Having a core group of friends that can hold each other accountable and be be completely transparent with is key to the spiritual growth of your church as a whole.

Since Small Groups are typically hosted in homes, people are truly able to let their hair down, get comfortable, and release. Meeting consistently in a designated location, creates safe space that encourages honest conversation about the good and bad in life.

At Church Base, we’re passionate about empowering ministries like yours to spread their reach. If your church has experienced success with Small Groups, we’d love to hear more in the comments below!

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