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August 16, 2018

Supercharge Events with the Church Base Platform

Managing your church's events and attendees just got easier with Church Base. We're so excited to announce our new and improved event features now including event registrations to help you better…
August 13, 2018

How To Build Community with Your Church’s App

God designed us to live in relationship with one another. Community is key to the spiritual growth and emotional health of the body of Christ for several reasons: It cultivates…
August 9, 2018

Creating the BEST Experience for First-Time Guests

First impressions are everything — even in the church. Visiting a new church for the first time can be a nervous experience for some, or an exciting one for others…

August 2, 2018

Creative First Time Gift Ideas to Increase Guest Retention

Though it may seem like a small detail, the gift you send your guests home with can further influence their decision to visit your church again. First impressions are everything —…
August 2, 2018

5 Strategies to Boost In-App Engagement by 80% with Push Notifications

Church Base has received several stories of clients seeing a surge as high as 87% in their app's open rate, with others only reaching 4% tops. So, what are the…
July 27, 2018

Maximizing Your Church’s Reach On Instagram

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has become a hub for creativity, news, and marketing for businesses across the world. In fact, 71% of businesses use Instagram. 80% of the app's…

July 27, 2018

3 Ways to Stay Connected with Students During the School Year

Now that summer is winding down, teens across the country are preparing to head back to school. With practices, games, and studying filling up family calendars, it is important for…
July 20, 2018

3 Ways Embracing the Internet Can Fuel Church Growth

It's no secret that embracing the internet is not something the church has done particularly well. The internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate today which leads us to…
July 20, 2018

How to Supercharge Participation in Your Next Giving Campaign

Churches that don't separate their giving campaign from tithe and offerings suffer when it comes to giving. A reason for this is the lack of distinction between the collection of weekly…