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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to check out Church Base, get started today by registering for your account. This gives you immediate access to the entire FREE software suite. 

If you need more information about our process, we recommend you check out How It Works.

Yes, you can change admin credentials at any time (e.g. name, email, phone, etc).

Currently, our dashboard is in English. However, our system is supportive of browser translations, if needed.

Absolutely! Church Base users can add unlimited team members.

Our website has a helpful Chat Feature.

Our Customer Success Team offers a Vision Call to make sure you use Church Base to the fullest.

Our online Help Center offers countless articles to answer all your questions.

When you first sign in to your dashboard, you’ll be offered a self-guided Tour.

We have Onboarding Videos of each module to show you around the software suite.

We recommend you check out How It Works to see a timeline of our process. If you’re ready to go, Get Started today with your FREE all-in-one ministry software suite!

Church Base is the only all-in-one church management system, offering an integrated church app and website builder, digital giving platform, community management system, and unlimited content storage. Everything is accessible through a single dashboard to prevent the headache of switching between multiple third-party systems.

Our parent company, International Scripture Ministries, is a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to spread the word of the Gospel to every man, woman, and child on earth. 

Through the generosity of ISM, every organization can use the entire Church Base software suite completely free

With Church Base, you can:

  • Save your church money with a $0/month plan and no sign-up fee.
  • Increase your giving through multiple collection points (website, texting, app, manual entry, and more).
  • Protect your church from binding contracts.
  • Waste less time switching from program to program.
  • Escape the headache of poor organization.
  • Support your staff with easy-to-use functionality.
  • Sign up more volunteers with an accessible, integrated process.
  • Create more disciples by adding cutting-edge technology to your everyday programs.
  • Feel good knowing your church, staff, events, and volunteers are organized and maximized.
  • Know you’re being a good steward of your church’s resources.

We are proud of our four modules in our Church Base software suite:

  • Connection (custom, branded website and app builder)
  • Contributions (digital giving)
  • Community (Church Management System)
  • Content (media storage and publishing)

No. Although we recommend trying out the various features to see what helps grow your ministry.

Why not? It’s free!

Church Base has direct integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

We do not integrate with direct competitors. However, you can download your reports from those programs and easily import them into our system.

Connection (Website & App Builder)

When you’re ready to publish your app and website, our team will work with you to navigate all the publishing processes–from websites to app stores!

To expedite this step, have your login credentials available.

Church Base has created a versatile, customizable app and website builder for you to use. So while no one builds your app or website from scratch, you’ll still be able to create a website and app that feels right for the culture and brand of your church.

Once you have finished designing your app, and your Apple Developer account has been set up, we will publish your app live to the App Store and Google Play Store. This process takes from one to three weeks to complete, depending on how quickly Apple and Google approve the submission.

For Apple App Store:

While Apple does require that each app be published on its own account, the account fee is waived for nonprofit organizations. We will help you set up your account and walk you through each step of the process.

For Google Play Store:

You are more than welcome to set up your own Google Play Development account, however, it is not required for that platform. So, if you would prefer the Android version of your app to be published to an account with your organization’s name on it, we suggest you set up your own Google Play Development account. Otherwise, we are happy to publish your Android app to our Google Play account.

We do not host live streaming, but we can embed most live streaming providers.

We are able to embed your iCalendar, Google Calendar, YouTube Channel, Vimeo Channel, and more directly into your app.

Yes! When we publish your app, we include your organization’s specific branding and information. Your app will be its own listing within the App Store and Google Play and will never be found within a container app.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a fully integrated website that mimics the overall look and feel of your app but is optimized for a website.

If you make changes or upload content to either the website or app, it will automatically be reflected on both the app and website. (Example: If you change a picture on your home screen, it will change it in both places).

Yes, by using our website customization tool, you can build a branded website in tandem with your app, saving you time and resources.

Most of our sites can be built in just a few hours, depending on the amount of information you would like to add.

Church Base covers all hosting fees, offering churches unlimited cloud storage for their software suite. Although we can connect your site to your domain name, you’ll need to purchase the domain itself from a third-party source.

We will need your login credentials to your domain name hosting account, so be sure to have those handy when it comes time to publish everything.

We will need your login credentials to your domain name hosting account, so be sure to have those handy when it comes time to publish everything.

Contributions (Digital Giving Suite)

The Contributions module is completely free.

For credit/debit cars: 2.69% + .30c 

For ACH: 1% + .30c

We do offer volume discounts, when applicable. To see if you qualify, reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Yes! We use state-of-the-art, 264-bit encryption, are completely PCI compliant, and utilize reCAPTCHA and SSL’s for the front-end interface.

Excluding holidays, deposits usually take 2 business days to clear (for credit cards and large banks). Smaller banking institutions may take an additional 1-2 business days.

Text-to-Give is completely free with Church Base.

Your congregation can utilize Text-to-Give, kiosk giving, an online giving link, or they can give via your app/website.

Community (ChMS)

Yes! You can import data from any other ChMS system.

Yes, you can record attendance for weekend services, groups, and events through our check-in system.

Yes, you can create a directory for your members.

Church Base offers mass communication via text/email, a form builder for first-time guests (i.e. a digital connection card) to use on the app or website, and numerous other tools that will help your church increase engagement!

Congregants can create their own front-end profiles within the Contributions (digital giving) and Connection (app and website) modules. These profiles automatically sync with the Community module and allow for real-time updates to their profile!

Yes, you can build and customize forms within our system. Use them as registration forms, surveys, or for any data you need to collect.

You can run reports for group attendance, service attendance, check-ins, and mass communication.

Yes, Church Base offers a free check-in system for children’s ministry and events.

Yes, our system has the option to print name tags stickers during the check-in process. We also have an option for electronic check-out with a QR code to save on paper and the hassle of stickers.

Yes, you can create a service plan and schedule your volunteer positions for that service.

Yes, you can track your volunteers, communicate with them, and schedule them for services.

No, SMS messaging is included in our system. There are no extra fees for this service.

Yes, there is an internal calendar to track your administrative events and meetings, as well as events available to the public.

Content (Media Storage & Publishing)

Yes, we offer unlimited cloud storage for your podcasts, videos, images, etc.

Yes, any sermons, events, posts, forms, or sermon notes uploaded to the Content module can feed directly to both your app and website.

Yes, you can publish and manage event postings directly from the Content module. Create recurring events, add registration links, and more.