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Store, Organize And Publish All Your Content

With Church Base, you can organize and publish your sermons, videos, podcasts, and more across a spectrum of platforms. Multiply the impact of your ministry!

The Content Module

Imagine you’re sitting in a service planning meeting, and everyone can easily pull up the sermon notes, media graphics, video illustrations, and small group discussion guide–all organized and accessible. How much more productive would your meetings be?

With Church Base Content, you can upload sermons, media, and graphics to one location. You’ll have unlimited cloud storage so you never lose another media file or document.

And because Church Base is an all-in-one integrated software suite, you can send your content to your website and app in real-time. Upload podcasts, create new events, write blog posts, connect videos–all with the click of a button.

Here are just a few features you can expect in the Content module:

Content Module Features:

Hosting and Embedding Content

Church Base can host several forms of content, including:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

This content lives on the Church Base server and can be pushed out to your website/app or 3rd-party sites like YouTube.

Church Base can also embed content like a Livestream URL, a YouTube channel, or a podcast. Though this content is hosted on a different platform, you can embed it within your website/app.

If you’re ready to see what the Content module can do for your church, get started today.

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