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Make the most of all four church-changing modules, risk-free.

How are we able to make Church Base FREE for an entire year?

In 2020, Church Base was acquired by International Scripture Ministries (ISM)--an organization with a vision to bring the whole Bible to the whole world. 

And that includes your community!

Thanks to the generous support of ISM and their ministry partners, you get to use the entire platform (including publishing your church’s website and app) for free for an entire year.

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What happens at the end of my free year?

After your one-year trial period ends, you get to pick between two options: a Sponsored Plan or a Paid Plan

With the Sponsored Plan, ISM provides ongoing sponsorships that cover the monthly fees of all Church Base members who sign up for our Contributions Module. Just sign up for payment processing through the Church Base Contributions Module and continue to use the entire software suite for free.

Through this sponsorship program, your church can utilize the entire Church Base software suite ($1548/yr value) for $0 to sign up, $0/month, and no contract.

Or, if you’d like to stay with your current payment processor, you can still access all four modules through an affordable Paid Plan.

Our Plans

Sponsored Plan
(using Church Base payment processor)
Cost No monthly charge
2.69% + 30¢ for Credit/Debit Card transactions
1% + 30¢ for ACH transactions
$129/mo or $1548/yr
Benefits Save money with one of the lowest transaction rates in the industry
Receive a sponsorship to access all four modules without paying a dime
Access to all four modules

How Our Processing Fees Measure Up.

We know that it’s not all about the money for you, but we also know you strive to be a good steward of your church’s resources.
We’ve broken down some industry pricing for you as a resource:

Tithely $19/mo (for Text-to-Give) 2.9% + 30¢
Pushpay Starts at $99/mo 2.9% + 30¢
Servant Keeper none 2.99% + 45¢
QGiv Starts at $0/mo; $129/mo for Text-to-Donate 3.95% + 25¢
easyTithe Starts at $19/mo 3% + 39¢
Church Base none 2.69% + 30¢