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5 Modern Ways For Pastors To Build Church Community eBook Download

Build Your Church Community Using These 5 Modern Strategies

At Church Base, we believe there are proven, modern ways to use the latest applications and digital tools to grow your church community. In this free ebook, we share what we’ve discovered based on our experience with thousands of churches.

5 Modern Ways For Pastors to Build Church Community

So no church visitor slips through the cracks again.

In a church setting, people are always coming and going. It can be challenging to manage, organize and communicate with every person who walks through your church doors. 

With modern tools like Church Base’s Community Module, you can make sure that you build a welcoming and thoughtful community.

Here is an overview of just two of the modern ways we recommend using technology to grow your church community:

Communicate with your staff and congregation regularly.

Without regular, consistent, and impassioned communication, your mission will fail. Luckily, you have countless modern tools available to you: text messages, emails, newsletters, group chats, push notifications, and more!

Hold community events.

Coordinating community-building events such as walks, luncheons, outside services, and fundraisers keeps the mission of the church running smoothly. Effective event planning, volunteer organizing, and schedule keeping are all necessary to keep the vision on track.

Ready to grow your church’s community?

With your church supported by the latest modern tech tools from Church Base, you can focus on what matters most: being a Light in your community and attracting those looking for a spiritual home.