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Build Connection With A Church Website And App

With Church Base, your congregants only have to register once through the app, website, or giving. Then, they’re ready to participate fully in the life of your church.


The Connection Module

With Church Base Connection, you can create and personalize a branded app and website for your ministry with our step-by-step builder. The Connection module offers over 30 different customization features. And best of all, it’s easy to use--no coding necessary!

The Connection module gives you full control of your website and app, so you don’t have to wait for a developer to make your edits. You can edit and publish updates to your app and website simultaneously through the dashboard. (And don’t worry, you can’t break your app or website!)

With the all-in-one integration of Church Base, your app and website are an accessible touchpoint for both you and your church members. Through the website and app, congregants can set up an account and edit their information, which automatically populates throughout your entire software system. Thanks to your website and app, you just saved a lot of time in data entry!


Here are just a few features you can expect in the Connection module:

Connection Module Features:

A website/app branded to your church or organization

Targeted push notifications

Interactive prayer wall

Public and private chat rooms

Multi-campus location page

App profiles to view volunteer schedules, giving history, etc.

And so much more!

Connection Module FAQs:

Do you hand-design the app or website for me?

Church Base has created a versatile, customizable app and website builder for you to use. So while no one builds your app or website from scratch, you’ll still be able to create a website and app that feels right for the culture and brand of your church.


Does Church Base cover website hosting fees? What about domain name fees?

Church Base covers all hosting fees, offering churches unlimited cloud storage for their software suite. Although we can connect your site to your domain name, you’ll need to purchase the domain itself from a third-party source.

What does Church Base need from me to publish our website?

We will need your login credentials to your domain name hosting account, so be sure to have those handy when it comes time to publish everything.


Do you offer support?

We have a couple of helpful options for you so you never feel alone in this process. First, you can find answers to most questions in our education center, which has tons of articles about building your app and website. Second, our support ticket system will help resolve any technical issues that arise within your system. We’re always here to help!

Explore our integrated modules:

Connection (Website & App)

A branded website and app builder so you can expand your reach in your community and connect with your church members anytime, anywhere.

Community (ChMS)

Church management software so you can coordinate people and events for greater impact.

Contributions (Digital Giving)

A digital giving suite so your church members can give when it’s convenient for them.

Content (Media Storage)

Unlimited media storage so you can organize and publish your sermons, videos, podcasts, and more across a spectrum of platforms.

The biggest benefit has been the consolidation of information and data entry.

Instead of using several platforms to get and communicate information, we now have just a few.

Jennifer from Berry's Chapel

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Nouman with our website relaunch.

They have gone above and beyond to make the transition very smooth and painless.

They were very responsive and understanding of some of our unique technical requests.

Tarik from FLOW Church

Church Base seeks to provide an experience

that can rival bigger companies while also not losing that intimate small business feel.

Matt from Calvary Rising Sun

The price point is great. I love the full integration of

giving, people software, website, and app all in one.

Erik from High Plains Christian Church

As my ministry’s director of IT, I have worked with many companies’

customer service over the years. Church Base customer response

has been hands-down the best experience I have ever encountered.

Tarik from FLOW Church

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