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7 Ways

How to increase the impact of your weekly sermons

When you’re spending 10-18 hours on sermon preparation per week, you want it to make the biggest impact it can with your congregation. Your sermon has the potential to be more than just a 45-minute experience. See how you can amplify your sermon’s impact in seven accessible ways.

DOWNLOAD: 7 Ways Media Can Amplify Your Sermon Impact

Amplify Your Sermon’s Impact

Help your sermon come alive and connect your churchgoers to the message through notifications and group chats. Here are just two of the seven takeaways you’ll learn from the free guide.

Let people interact with your sermons

While some members can sit still and hear the Word of God, others need a way to interact with your sermon while they listen. For this, we recommend including interactive sermon notes.

Post your sermon videos online

Share your sermon’s recording to everyone who couldn’t be there in person. When your sermon reaches more people, your impact will be greater

Ready to Make a Greater Impact with Your Sermons?

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