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Develop Community With A People Management System

The Community module helps you organize your church members and allows for easy and seamless communication.

The Community Module

Church Base Community is a full-service people management system specifically designed for churches. This module includes over 40 features designed for pastors and administrators to better manage their people, plan services, build forms, and schedule events. The Community module gives you full control of your people and allows for easy and seamless communication.

Here are just a few features you can expect in the Community module:

Community Module Features:

Here's the best part:

With Church Base’s all-in-one software suite, as soon as a churchgoer registers through the app, website, or giving module, their information automatically appears in the Community module. That saves you (and your staff) from entering in the same information over and over again.

And we think that’s something to be excited about!

If you’re ready to see what the Community module can do for your church, get started today.

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