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Church Staffing

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Do you notice your church staff dragging a little lately?

If so, you’re not alone.

A recent Barna Study during the pandemic showed that church staff felt:

  • Tired (51%)
  • Exhausted (41%)
  • Sad (41%)
  • Panicked (39%)
  • Powerless (17%)
  • Angry (16%)
  • Indifferent (5%)

Yet, we believe just a few manageable steps can have a major impact on the job satisfaction and wellbeing of church staff members. We’ve created this guide to help you lead your staff to health and joy.

The Cost of Church Staff Turnover

When church staff members feel discontent or burned out, it often leads to high turnover rates

This can have a real cost to the congregation, including:

  • Severance, anything from one to six month’s pay
  • Staff search costs, including posting to online boards, travel, meals, and staff hours invested in search
  • Relocation costs
  • On-boarding costs, including training, books, and conferences
  • Loss in giving when a beloved leader leaves
  • Lost rhythm in staff schedules and camaraderie
  • Increased burnout of remaining staff

Retaining talented staff should be a high priority for senior leaders. Otherwise, the church could feel the consequences of high turnover for years. 

GET OUR FREE GUIDE: 9 Critical Steps to Retain Church Staff

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