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By the Church Base Team ┃Read time: 2:30 minutes

If you had a dollar for each time you’ve heard “Communication is key,” you’d probably be a millionaire by now — right? Effective communication will make or break a vision, a plan, or a team. That’s why, here at Church Base, we’re big fans of group chat! We’ve seen how this feature empowers churches and leadership teams to grow and function like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s be honest, we keep our phones within arm’s reach almost 24/7. Instead of sending an email that could potentially go unnoticed, send important updates and messages through your team’s group chat. It’s a direct line of contact to the people with whom you communicate frequently.

Here Are Some Ways Group Chats Can Benefit Your Teams:

A Group Chat Builds Genuine Community.

Between the business of weekday life and jam-packed Sundays, it can be difficult to build community within teams. Group chats help to develop community by creating a sense of belonging that will keep your team motivated to serve.


A Group Chat Keeps Your Volunteers Inspired.

As leaders, we know that everything we do matters. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday. A guest’s experience with one volunteer is often a reflection of the church as a whole, so it’s important that volunteers are inspired to reflect God’s welcoming love.



You can help inspire your volunteers through group chat by:

  • Exchanging prayer requests
  • Sending encouraging messages
  • Sharing links to inspiring videos and articles

Consider sending a weekly devotional to your team to set the tone!

A Group Chat Makes Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page.

Here’s the tricky part about communication: people retain information at different levels. So, for some, in-person communication may not always be the best. For others, emails can go unnoticed. Or what if someone’s been out of town and wasn’t caught up to speed?



There are several factors that can cause your team to be out of sync, but group messages can solve that issue! Is there a certain dress code for Sunday? Send a message! Is there an important deadline approaching? Send a message! It’s that easy.

You may be asking: will group chat overwhelm my volunteers?

We all know the feeling of being held hostage to the never-ending alerts that come from active group messages. Your phone is buzzing constantly in important meetings, or when you’re just trying to sleep. Helpful messages quickly turn into distractions.

But by selecting to turn off notifications from your church’s app, users are in control of what push notifications they receive. Since the group message is accessed through your church’s app, users can simply click into the app to see what they missed. Then, click out and focus on their day.

With a custom branded app through Church Base, you have the ability to create group chats for all teams, right from your dashboard! At Church Base, we’re passionate about empowering ministries and their volunteers to spread the gospel. That starts with a strong foundation and healthy teams.

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If you’re ready to get set up group chat for your volunteer teams, get started today!