3 Exciting Ways To Market Your Church Plant

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Launching a new church may be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will have in ministry as a leader. There’s no doubt that this journey comes with feelings of worry and stress. However, it’s also a really exciting season to be in! When you share this excitement with your new community, you attract potential members who will be critical to the growth of your church.

Now let’s be honest…When people think of church, “fun” isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. The great part about creating something new, is that you get to shift the narrative! People are attracted to a fresh start — an opportunity that your church will make possible for them. Like most things in business and ministry, strategy is key!

Here are 3 ways to effectively market your church plant, and have a great time doing it! 

1. Host A Series of Launch Parties

Yes, we said it! Party is not a bad word. This is what we mean by shifting the narrative. Christians can get together and have a great time. This can be a time of worship and fellowship for your launch team and potential new members to connect. Consider hosting a game night, skate party, or even a potluck dinner.

This is a great opportunity to break down the mental and emotional barriers people may have in their minds of “church folk” and boring ministries. You can even make time during the event for a Q&A or informative presentation on your new church, so people can further connect with your passion and the church’s vision.

2. GO, And They Will Come

Take your church to the streets! We’ve seen some really awesome things happen when ministries and non-profits are proactive in taking their message to the community around them. This is a simple way to make your presence known, through connect with local businesses and individuals.

Is there a coffee shop, “mom and pop” restaurant, or local business near your church? Consider reaching out to them as a location to host a pop up event. This can be as simple or grand as you’d like! Make a quick trip to Fed Ex to print large signs with encouraging words like “You Are Loved” and “You Belong” to hold up in front of the entrance. Bring along some flyers, cards, smiles, and you’ve got yourself a few walking billboards! No sells pitch needed — just a lot of love and excitement for what God is bringing to the neighborhood. This is a great, low cost way to advertise your church plant. The best part is having materials that can be used again and again, as you continue to grow.

3. Get A Custom App For Your Church

There’s an app for everything these days, and there’s no reason why your church can’t participate in the tech evolution we’re experiencing. If there’s anything we know at Church Base, it’s that apps are not hype. We’ve seen ministries grow beyond their wildest dreams through this investment. Creating multiple touchpoints for people to connect with your church is key to spreading your reach. 

We are spending more time than ever on our phones, tuning into the latest on our social media timelines, Youtube subscriptions, and even listening to podcasts. With a custom mobile app, you increase your visibility by leaps and bounds. We know this sounds super expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Church Base continues to empower church plants in their journey, by creating a solution specific to the needs of a growing ministry. 

We’d love to be part of what God is doing in your life and community. For more information on how we can help you save time and reach more people, click here to watch a demo of our entire platform!

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