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By the Church Base Team ┃Read time: 2:30 minutes

We want to help you build a church app that will do more than just deliver your sermons. Your app can be a powerful tool to connect and mobilize your congregation. From groups to media, chat functions to prayer walls, a church app is a 24/7 central hub and a launching point.

Here are some tips to building the ultimate church app for your ministry:

1. Include high-quality images of your church.

In our step-by-step app-building process, you have the ability to include images of your church’s building, volunteers, and culture. Using actual images of your church and services (instead of stock photos) makes the app a lot more personal and allows your community to connect to it more!

2. Keep your page content simple.

The best apps and websites focus on content that gets straight to the point. Your reader’s time is valuable and limited, so bring a keen editing eye to everything you post on your app. If it helps, consider putting together an editing team to make sure everything is up to your ministry’s expectations. Quality over quantity!

3. Assign someone with tech experience to maintain your app.

Too often, the fear of technology keeps leaders from adopting helpful tools. The great news, however, is that a church is a team. That means those leaders who are a little less “tech-savvy” can recruit the help they need. Don’t let fear hold you back–find the volunteer with the skills and passion to take your ministry to the next level through your app. Specifically, look for someone with technical or design experience.

4. Know your vision and audience before you start creating your app.

If you have a specific audience, language, or cultural vision for your church’s mission, keep it in mind as you build your app in the Community module. When you create your app with purpose at the outset, you’ll be much more pleased with its longtime performance. The app, like every other tool we use, equips the people to do the ministry–build it for them!

5. Have clear branding: logos and color scheme that work together.

Have an eye-catching logo and color scheme ready to go before you start working on your app. You’ll save yourself a lot of time when you can quickly reference your style and branding.

On a deeper level, when you bring order and clarity to your brand, it will guide your church members through your content with ease. Deciding your branding ahead of time ensures your app is easy to read, which will motivate people to engage.

These are just a few tips to get started on an awesome church app! Want to know more about our app features ? Or are you ready to start building ?